Friday, 31 May 2013

Dropping back in

Well hello there reader.  Over a year again... seems to be my want.  At the very least I have news to spew forth in utterance so here goes.

Finally got around to finishing that PhD malarkey and should be graduated this summer.  Huzzah!  Sadly the finishing of my thesis was pretty much the death nail in all non-essentially writing of things at a computer.  That tends to be a blog killer.

But now I have finished, been examined, passed and finished my corrections.  Never been so glad to see the back of a large body of work, ever.  I can officially say that it really does take yo to some dark places when you spend 12 hours a day trying to write and fail miserably.  There's only so much sentence editing the human mind can take!

Anyway, moving on...

I decided that, in spite of the uphill struggle i found parts of my PhD that I did like physics research so I went and got myself a Postdoc at the University of Birstol.  I am now working on the TORCH which is a Research and Development project for the LHCb detector.

As things are somewhat less exciting here, getting started usually takes a while, I'll pop in with some rough descriptions of what the project is about and some snippets of the stuff we are going to present/publish.

Also I think I'll talk about video games too, coz I like them.

Ciao for now.